Our mission is to create a fun environment for kids to pursue their interests and build connections with their mentors and other kids around Boston.

Our Team

All of our high school mentors are dedicated and active members. We are passionate about equity and justice, volunteering at non-profits like Rosie’s Place and the Boston Project Ministries, working for environmental justice organizations like Our Climate and the MA Youth Climate Coalition, and leading groups at our own school like the Junior Classical League and the International Relations club. We are musicians and athletes, scientists and writers, leaders and activists. We’ve built our activities, our organization, and our values around justice and equity, and it’s our goal to provide opportunities to underserved middle schoolers. Students Help Students is our way of expressing our support of our communities. 

Julia Epshtein,


Azalea Thompson, Games and Mentorship

Dalilah Mostoslavsky,

STEM and Art

Uriah Weaver,


Zoe Nagasawa,


Anna Wilcox,


Addy Krom,


Isabelle Goodrich,



It is important to us that our mentors are qualified to provide services for younger students. We take our students’ learning very seriously, and will ensure that everyone feels comfortable, safe, and well-educated in our shared space.


Check out the FAQ page to see if we already answered your question! If you don't see your question there, reach out to us at shs.studentinfo@gmail.com