You are free to sign up for our courses any time! All of our lessons, presentations, and materials will be posted on the website gallery, along with the student-made work, so anyone can access the materials. Our courses are not cumulative, meaning that any child can catch up even if they join later in the summer or they miss a day.
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 Students Help Students 

 A free, online summer camp for grades 6-8 

About Us

Students Help Students (SHS) is a team of Boston Latin School high schoolers who strive to help middle school kids learn a variety of topics, including English, STEM, and visual arts, in fun, engaging, and peer-guided ways. We believe that every child deserves equitable access to quality educational resources, and it is our goal to help our students develop both academically and socially throughout our program. 

What We Offer

Fun and Games


Mondays, 5-6 PM

Connect with high school mentors and other kids around Boston. The activities range from games and trivia to peer mentoring and advice from experienced Boston Latin School students. We hope to provide a safe, fun space where you are able to be yourself, make friends, and share stories.


Wednesdays, 5-6 PM

Learn a variety of science topics through fun experiments that you can recreate at home. Topics range from natural sciences to technology, and while you learn crucial scientific methods and foundations, the experiments require minimal effort and only the most common household items.


Business Morning

Tuesdays, 5-6 PM

This course teaches strategies that give you the tools to think critically. You will learn interviewing, writing, and editing. This course will allow you to build confidence, professionalism, and writing abilities and introduce you to the purpose and importance of journalism.


Thursdays, 5-6 PM

Learn fundamental art techniques while also having a space to relax and express yourself through fun and creative projects! At the end of the course, you will complete a final piece which will be displayed in our online gallery.

Fridays, 5-6 PM

Creative Writing

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Learn different styles of writing, and give and receive feedback on your compositions, both from mentors and your peers. At the end of the course, you will have the opportunity to make a portfolio of your work and have it published on our website!